Is MATI for you?

Does your family face social, emotional or medical challenges? Is your child talented in academics, sports or performing arts?

To thrive, your child may need a different type of school.


Our online school is an excellent option if the student needs:

  • Customized education with specific needs.

  • Bilingual curriculum.

  • Freedom of Hours and flexibility.

  • Accelerated courses by working below/above grade level at their own pace.

  • A proven and awarded curriculum.

  • Honors and / or AP® courses authorized by the College Board®

  • Legal coverage, academic advice and complete records management.

  • Official transcripts and diploma package upon graduation.

  • Continue your studies while studying at home or living internationally.

  • Treat medical conditions by being able to freely schedule medical appointments and time to rest.

  • Relieve intimidation or social anxiety by working independently in a safe place.

  • Pursue your passions by organizing school work around extracurricular activities.


At Mati Talent Institute Private School we serve families from more than 20 countries. We offer you a flexible, expanded, tested and awarded curriculum so that as a family you can obtain the necessary resources to fully enjoy your studies from home. We are a private distance school, by Law, all data that our families share with us is confidential **.



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