Elementary Online and Homeschool Programs

Elementary Homeschooling

Studying in Mati Homeschool allows students to receive academic quality as in an American Private School but with the benefit of Homeschooling. MATI TALENT INSTITUTE PRIVATE SCHOOL (MATI) is a Private School registered in the Corporations Division and in the Department of Education in Florida. We are also incorporated to ISTATION®, MATH WHIZZ® and MyOn® which is why our students can access the platforms, as if they were attending a classroom.


Mati Talent Institute Private School offers highly rated elementary online homeschool programs for your child. MATI Homeschool combines the technology kids love with the education they need to make learning fun!


Some of the characteristics of our curriculum are:

Adaptive Curriculum approved by the US Department of Education

Interactive and Personalized Curriculum. (Start with a placement test and then adapt according to the academic needs of the student, providing online academic support according to their needs).

Student receives interactive online support and has the option to work with printed materials on the topics seen online.

Istation Reading has been reviewed and endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education, the National Center on Response to Intervention and the Florida Center for Reading Research. More than a dozen studies and reviews conducted during the last decade prove Istation’s learning programs deliver results.


It is installed on a PC, LAP, iPad or Tablet. Math Whizz® requires internet, once installed ISTATION® no internet is required to use it so you can access wherever you are.

You do not have to send EVIDENCES. The program reports all the students' progress and records their activities, on the contrary, we provide you with access to a PARENT PORTAL where you can see your child's evaluations and their results online immediately after their evaluation.


They simply love it!

Students have ACCESS TO SUPPORT, a STUDY ROOM (Math Whizz®) which can be decorated and painted to their style, they also have access to GAME ROOMS where students can feed the pets they buy at THE GIFT STORE with the credits earned, as well as a THEME BANK where there are varied interactive activities according to their current or lower level where they can review at any time.

Students can send messages to other users and obtain Diplomas according to their progress.

Accelerated Learning

It is proven that the use of Math Whizz® for 60 minutes a week during one year accelerates up to 1.6 years to an average student in his Mathematical Age! With Istation® something similar happens. It is recommended to use it 60 minutes a week as well, keep in mind that lessons, passages and PRINTED activities will be available to reinforce what students have learned.

International Challenges

As Math Whizz® is an International program, students can challenge themselves with others enrolled in other countries, great moments will be experienced with this option.

English or Spanish Program

You can choose or purchase both programs, the program adapts to the student according to his/her needs, it includes:


Reading Impact

*Studies show the impact that reading has on students, as well as intonation, fluency and reading comprehension. Each book has a lexile and the option to READ, LISTEN and PRINT. The READ option allows them to position themselves on some word that they cannot read, this helps to facilitate reading, with the LISTEN option they acquire intonation.