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Here you will be able to know about the experience from some of our beautiful families and how they get along with MATI.

Erica, an American homeschooler mom who lives in Mexico tells us about her experience with Mati Talent Institute Private School (Mati Homeschool).

Erica shared with us through this video her daughter's experience, the materials they use, how they manage the times, upload resumes, their favorite parts, their struggles and challenges though a very honest and clear opinion. We have loved it! Living the progress of your little girl is one of the most enriching experiences we have as a school.

Thank you Erica for sharing your experience with us!

One of our youngest ones with extraordinary talent.

We have been part of León’s education during 3 school years has been in MATI during 3 years also, he is also enrolled in the Oak Crest Academy, a prestigious institution for gifted people in California. He likes surfing, hockey, playing guitar, piano and drums... he speaks 3 languages English, Spanish and Chinese !! At his very young age he already has great accomplishments.

As an entrepreneur he created www.leonstores.com.
Their main goal through this store is to help parent build creative confidence in their kids, so they can have a unique way to build and think. Leonstores was built under the idea of offering parents, creative solutions and items that could help their kids think big and be creators and producers of their own products instated of being just consumers.

León, at Mati Talent Institute we are very proud of you !!!

From Canada

Brothers enjoy spending time together!

One of our beautiful families, who currently lives in Canada, shared photos of their fun morning. Having access to an education program where you only need a short amount of time for instruction and you get high academic performance, allows you to enjoy more time for what you are passionate about, even play!

It's wonderful to see our students having fun while they learn!

So much to learn!

Every day is a new adventure and an opportunity to learn.

No matter where you are!

"Every day is a new adventure and an opportunity to learn. - Heather Burt, CA

No matter where you are, learning happens anywhere, everywhere!
This are Ciela and Leila, students of MATI TALENT INSTITUTE.
Both girls are currently enrolled in our English and Spanish programs. They also study Arabic and Chinese. Ciela loves doing horseback riding and enjoys art and Leila loves practicing ballet and she is learning how to read in different languages.

They live in California, but since their families travel a lot, homeschooling is working perfect for them!


Cami is a young student from MATI who never ceases to surprise us. She is sensitive, responsible, dedicated, likes to share what she learns with classmates and has developed the ability to teach, Cami, we are very proud of your achievements!

Our Adventures at Home

Yaz has created a great blog where she shares her experiences as she became a homeschool mom. She shares tips, resources and her day by day challenges.
You can read about her experiences in www.nuestrasaventurasencasa.com.mx.

She shares her experience with MATI in this clip.

Mati International

Each family is different, MATI has students from Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Holland, Finland, Indonesia, Spain, France, Puerto Rico and throughout the United States, our mission is for each student to have an interactive, personalized and adaptive learning while they enjoy and enrich their unique talents and gifts.